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  • Measures against new coronavirus (COVID-19) by strengthening hygiene management standards

    This facility is implementing the measures to prevent infection required by businesses participating in Go To Travel and "We are implementing it according to the guidelines for new coronavirus countermeasures at accommodation facilities."We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    【Cleaning/disinfection of the facility】
    • Disinfectants are used to wipe and disinfect objects and places that are frequently contacted by many people, such as elevators.
    • The parts of the cabin that are touched by customers are wiped and disinfected with a disinfectant when cleaning the cabin.
    【Check your health】
    • All guests staying at the time of check-in are requested to check the temperature and verify their identities after taking precautionary measures such as avoiding face-to-face contact.
    • If you have a fever or a cold symptom, you should check the physical condition such as thermometer and ask the nearest public health center for instructions, including on weekends, and take appropriate measures. You
    • If you experience a fever or a physical condition such as a feeling of physical discomfort while using the facility, please inform the front office immediately and report to a public health center or consult a medical institution as necessary. I recommend it.
    • At check-in, etc., we thoroughly inform the guests who are staying about the “items (*) that travelers must comply with”.
    ※Matters described in "To those who use the Go To Travel business by the Japan Tourism Agency: Items to comply with when using Go To Travel"
    • At check-in, guests are advised to refrain from group trips for young people, group trips for elderly people who are vulnerable to illness, and trips involving large numbers of banquets, as they are generally considered to be at high risk. Desirable.However, this alone does not mean that it is not excluded from support uniformly, and that travel should be carried out appropriately on the assumption that steady infection prevention measures such as school excursions and educational trips will be taken.'' Is thoroughly known.
    【Infection prevention measures at this facility】
    • There are restrictions on the number of people and time limits for using shared facilities such as baths and restaurants.
    • At restaurants and restaurants, we take measures to prevent infection, such as keeping tables and seats apart.
    • Please refrain from making loud calls inside the facility, drinking or drinking when eating or drinking.
    • To ventilate elevators, guest rooms, and common spaces within the facility, we are taking measures such as opening windows and doors and introducing outside air using air conditioning equipment.
    • During your stay in the hotel, we ask that you wear a mask and wash your hands and fingers in public spaces.
    • For hand disinfection, disinfectant is installed in multiple places in this facility, such as in the lobby and restaurant entrance.
    • At the entrances of front desks, restaurants, etc., in order to keep the distance between our customers, we have taken measures such as installing marks on the floor.
    • After eating, the table will be cleaned and disinfected before the next visit.
    • We are strengthening the health management of our employees, conducting health checks including temperature measurements when they go to work, and if they have symptoms such as fever, cough, phlegm, or other colds, or feeling tired, then they will not be able to work and will be on standby at home.
    • Employees all wear masks and face shields as needed during work
  • Reservation by phone

    Please call us at the telephone reservation, 0894-23-0007 reservation office.
    We are waiting for cancellation on the day of full occupancy.
    Please do not hesitate to telephone me.
  • About building safety

    The facilities of Habor Plaza Hotel have been certified as excellent fire and disaster prevention, and have been designated as tsunami evacuation buildings.
    Buildings are supported by basement piles under 60 meters underground, and important infrastructure related facilities such as emergency power generation equipment and electric power receiving devices are installed on the 4th floor or above, we are fully compatible with liquefaction such as earthquakes and flood damage.
    In addition, it is registered to hospitality standard certification 2018.
  • Government Registration International Tourist Hotel

    Japan Tourism Agency Government-registered International Tourist Hotel.

  • wireless·Wired internet connection

    Free Wi-Fi / wired LAN is available throughout the whole building.
  • Foreign language broadcasting·Air condition

    You can enjoy foreign language broadcast "English · Chinese · Korean" free of charge in the room.

    We renewed the whole building air conditioning.

    Automated External Defibrillator is called "AED" for short.
    In Japan, it is called "Automated External Defibrillator", it is a medical device (defibrillation) that removes fibrillation by giving electric shock to the person who caused cardiac arrest (ventricular fibrillation).
    The use of AED was only permitted by doctors until now, but since July 1, 2004, "general citizens can also use it".
    AED lid is opened, it turns on automatically and only operates according to the voice guidance.
    When used with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by cardiac massage and artificial respiration, it will improve the survival rate.
  • Electric car quick charger

    Electric car charging facilities are available.

    [Rapid charge·Normal charge(Paid \ 200)]
  • Michelin Guide published

    Michelin Guide(Hiroshima·Ehime 2018 year board)Published
  • Room electricity

    We have installed the power supply at all times in the guest room.You can use it freely.

    Guest room We installed a power saving switch in the refrigerator.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Harbor shop·Washing dryer for long-term residents

    1F Harbor shop
    We sell beer, wine, tobacco, snacks, cup noodles, sweets, souvenirs etc. Please use it.
    Business hours AM 7: 00 to PM 9: 30
    Vending machines can be used for 24 hours.

    Copy · FAX service PC can also be used.Please ask the staff.

    We installed a drum-type washer-dryer that can be used for long-term guests.

    Please tell the front desk.
  • Soroptimist Yawatahama

    International Soroptimist Yawatahama International Soroptimist example venue
    International Soroptimist is a global organization of women in managerial and professional positions,
    Through "awareness, advocate, activity"
    It is a female Global Voice.
  • The Ehime Shimbun CULTURE SCHOOL

    The Ehime Shimbun CULTURE SCHOOL Yawatahama Habor Plaza Hotel Classroom

    Hawaiian·Hula Elementary Date and Time 2·On the 4th Tuesday, 10:40 to 11:40

    Hawaiian·Hula intermediate level date 2·On the 4th Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00

    Chanson, everyone on the second and fourth Tuesday of the day from 14:00 to 15:30

  • About safety measures for new coronavirus infectious diseases

    Thank you for your cooperation in wearing a mask.
    Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection when entering the hall, entering the banquet hall, or entering the restaurant.
    Please cooperate in social distance (maintaining physical distance) to maintain a sufficient distance between customers.
    If you have a fever or feel unwell, please do not visit us.
    We are measuring the body temperature using infrared thermography.
    If you feel unwell during your visit, please contact a staff member near you.