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  • Amid a comfortable atmosphere, we will deliver an elegant moment with a table plan and cuisine according to your purpose, such as family celebrations, legal meetings etc., as well as business use.
    Hiten no Ma/HITEN
    Banquet 300 people · Buffet 450 people Convention space with 450 people gathered at eating, full of sound and lighting functions

    Hiho no Ma/HIHO
    Banquet hall with 112 banquet and standing 170 people with goods and ratings.

    Asuka no Ma/ASUKA Shogo 60 people

    Please use to conform to any application from Chuhachi no Ma / TYUHATHI 30 people small gatherings Chuhachi no Ma until the banquet of a large number of people.

    Tamamushi no Ma / TAMAMUSHI 10 people family Tamamushi no Ma, available to dinner at your fellow, also as a place of opportunity.

Information on Harbor Wedding plan

  • We will produce an impressive stage gorgeously.Congratulations from the Habor Plaza Hotel to the happy party for 8 to 30 people
     Limited 20 pairs
                  1 people, I hear from \ 20,000 tax * 8 people up to 30 people
    Information on plan and options
    《What is included in the plan》
     Meal(Japanese and Western-style Menu "Polaris"), Drink(Friedlink)Venue fee·Acoustic lighting fee(BGM & 2 microphones)
    "Select privilege", * Please choose one favorite directing☆Bubble shower, "Fresh cake, Bouquet's
    《Help options》
     〇Menu cards · Seat ticket · Table decorative flower, "Fresh cake ... From 10,000 yen (Please talk to the staff)" Candle Ceremony ... 1 table 1200 yen, ○Live jazz music ... From 30,000 yen
    (Please consult with the staff),○chairperson… From 15,000 yen

    "Japanese Wedding"
    After you have listed the Shinto wedding is, you'll be somewhere modern to classic, stylish reception that incorporates the taste of the sum look good.
     Limited 20 pairs
                  40 people, \ 700,000 Tax excise, 1 additional person \ 15,000 yen
    The features and benefits of the "sum Wedding"
     ★Dinner style style fancy table coordination★Japanese style modern flower arrangement!★The new style candle service Applause candle, where your friends can join, Applause candle the venue to a romantic atmosphere. !!
    "Select privilege", * Please choose one favorite directing☆small gift(Number of people)☆Receptionist☆Presenting bouquets to parents
    《Other benefits》
     ★We invite you to our hotel overnight on the day of wedding ceremony★15% OFF for guests staying

  • Shinto wedding ceremony

    Shinto ceremony
    It is old-fashioned based on Japanese tradition
    It is an expression to be carried out.

    Wedding fee: \ 35,000, your attendance: up to 48 people
    <Depending on Shinkansen wedding ceremony>●Seat entrance●A master's ceremonial performance●Three thousand times●Oath of oath●Bride and groom Tamushi Fenghua(Honten)
    ●Famous person Tamushi Fengta(Honten)●A cup of tofu●Leave

    Chapel wedding
     I will perform the doctrine based on the Protestant doctrine.
    Wedding fee:\ 88,000
    ※Wedding fee includes formal fee, organist, choir, flower arrangement, formula, marriage certificate. 
    Participation: Up to 60 people

    Public wedding ceremony
    Regardless of the special religion, everyone in attendance is a wedding feels very warm to promote marriage as an attendant of the ceremony for each one of you.
    Wedding fee:\ 25,000
    ※The wedding fee, construction of venues, officiant fee, acoustic equipment, BGM, marriage certificate, will include ceremony table, the rental fee of incipient.
    ※In case of using the reception party and another venue and other desired direction of production, please refer to the option list and contact us.

    For details please contact the staff.Telephone 0894-22-0022