The hotel has a room charge. Please reserve at 0894-22-0022 for accommodation with children (infant: free of charge).
Antiviral / antibacterial coating :Anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating is applied to the parts that customers directly touch.Reduces the number of specific viruses.
Habor Plaza Hotel
Multipurpose hotel located in the town of Yawatahama

【Official】Habor Plaza Hotel

It has been certified as a "safe restaurant with a love face".

What is "Love Face Safe Restaurant Certification System"?
Ehime Prefecture has certified restaurants that have taken preventive measures against infectious diseases as defined by Ehime Prefecture.
While providing peace of mind and trust to citizens of the prefecture and users outside the prefecture,
It is a certification system that supports restaurants that face the corona disaster.

Infection control management leader established
By providing information on the revision of guidelines and the efforts of the prefecture, which will lead the infection control of the stores where the stores are installed.
Supporting further improvement of infection control and continuation of efforts,
It is a system to improve the environment where citizens of the prefecture can use restaurants with peace of mind.

Japan Food Sanitation Association Five-Star Acquired Store
Food safety, security, five-star business
At the Food Hygiene Association, food business operators who are members of the Food Hygiene Association provide safe and secure food to consumers.
The implementation status of daily hygiene management measures is posted on the plate at the store so that consumers can eat and eat.
We are implementing this project so that it can be used as a guide when purchasing food.

GoTo Travel Campaign

  • ◆Coupon procedure by STAY NAVI(Please log in from here)

    We have stopped accepting GOTO Travel.

    If you want to make a reservation or stay from here on, please issue a coupon using this procedure.
    1. Please make a reservation on the official website.(Reservation at the top of the page)
    "All accommodation products are eligible for GoTo campaign discounts".
    2. Log in to "Coupon procedure with STAY NAVI" (new registration) and enter the reservation information.A coupon with reservation information and discount amount will be issued.
    3. "STAY NAVI" will send a "Coupon Notice" email to the customer and Habor Plaza Hotel.
    4. Please present your coupon number when checking in at the hotel.A discount will be given at the time of payment.

Available cashless card

  • Please contact us for details of the points available card.

    You can use a credit card.

Facility Information

  • Living room "Kaizoku" 1F(By appointment only)

    From one person to your family like, there is also a parlor seat, drinking of families from the fun can you farewell Mukaekai in a variety of situations from the large number of people to the number of children of banquets, full of after sports, women's meetings, birthday party such as, a variety of
    You can use it according to situations!
    There are local fish dishes and hearth restaurant.Please use 5% discount for accommodation.
    {By appointment only}
    Only available for reservation customers.Reservation is required until 2 days in advance.
    Opening Hours 17: 30-22: 00
  • Hama-no-yu 4F

    Corona infection prevention period has been suspended.

    You can use it freely.(Men's only)
    From 15: 30 to 23: 00

    Jacuzzi · shower box 4F
    Jacuzzi bath for ladies Jacuzzi and whole body shower box can be used.
    Customers need a special key at the front desk We will give you the key at the front desk.
    From 15: 30 to 23: 00
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Habor Plaza Hotel


360-1 Nakano Town, Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Yawatahama Station
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Harbor Wedding

  • Wedding ceremony for the two of you

    Shinto ceremony & wedding plan
    After being given a worship ceremony, although it is classical, somewhere modern,
    The stylish reception that incorporates the Japanese taste will suit you well.

            Limited 20 pairs
                  40 people, \ 700,000 Tax excise
                 1 person added \ 15000 yen

    The features and benefits of the "sum Wedding"
     ★Dinner style style fancy table coordination
     ★Japanese style modern flower arrangement!
     ★A new style of friends you can join
      Candle Service "Applause candle"

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