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  • Tanimoto Kamaboko neriwaza-kan

    Manufacturing experience course (molded from surimi)
    Manufactured item: 2 pieces of Jacobon · Bamboo chikuwa (large) 1 piece
    Adult 1000 yen, Child 800 yen(Junior high school student)
    Opening Hours/9: 00-15: 00
    (Closed, July 1 to August 20·November 20 days from January 20,)
    Product sales
    Opening Hours/8:00 to 19:00
  • Yawatahama Port Lunch Box

    We worked on making "Minato Ben" using ingredients of Minato machi, Yawatahama City such as Jakoten and jakokatsu. The Minato Oasis "Waterfront Development Association" has certified a box lunch developed by a local contractor as "Yawatahama Port Lunch Box". ▽"Octopus (Tako) Inari Set (meal)" with Inarizushi and Jako Katsu with Octopus (Tako) Inari Set (meal)"Taimeshi"(Habor Plaza Hotel)
  • Yawatahama Fireworks

    Fireworks display that has been established as a tradition of the summer in YawatahamaThe magnitude of the fireworks go up out from the harbor is, decorate the glamorous night of midsummer.The number of launches held on 15th August 3500 Types of fireworks, Fuji type Naiagara, Underwater·Waterfront fireworks, STARMINE, Wide STARMINE
    You can see from hotel rooms.
  • Minato-yu

    Beauty hot water "Moor hot spring", "Beautiful hot water moist to the skin"
    By the wetlands in English, German is the "Mall" (peatlands), including the plant rot in the skin in Europe
    One method of applying peat mud directly to the body is called "Moor bathing".
    "Moor onsen" contains humic substances (humic substances) derived from peat (lignite) etc.
    It is an alkaline hot spring, and it derives from the expected effect similar to the Moor bathing.
    3 minutes on foot from hotel