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  • Sky Lounge "Aerostat" 9F

    Sky Lounge "Aerostat"
    Opening hours 11:00 to 14:00, 17: 30-23: 30
    Aerostat which can enjoy beautiful bay Aerostat, use of lunch meeting,
    Relaxing at the bar counter, for meals,
    We prepare various menus according to customer's purpose.
    • Aerostat Food

      Steak full set

      ¥ 3,700, Cattle fillet steak, With raw vegetables, Soup rice, small bowl, Pickled Vegetables, Coffee

      Seafood set

      ¥ 1,900 Taimeshi is soaked the sashimi of sea bream in sauce of beaten egg wearing a taste, Local cuisine of fresh eat placed on rice Ehime Prefecture Nanyo local cooking", tempura, miso soup, vegetable pickles, small bowl

      Shogetsudo set

      ¥ 2,100, Inside curtain, miso soup, Pickled Vegetables, tempura, sashimi, Local ingredients

      Sashimi set

      ¥ 1,700 Assorted sashimi, Pickled Vegetables, miso soup, rice

      Shrimp Fly Set

      ¥ 1,500 Large prawn three tails, rice, miso soup, Pickled Vegetables, salad, small bowl

      Sawachi·Kaiseki Meal

      ¥ 5,000 ~ ¥ 3,500 We will prepare at your request. Please see the menu for details.
      ¥ 5,000 to ¥ 1,000
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Restaurant " Seagull " 1F

    Restaurant "Seagull"
    Opening hours 7:00 to 21:00
    Tea breaks and meetings, in a bright interior.
    Please enjoy various drinks and hotel lunch.
    You can enjoy illy's espresso coffee · cappuccino · cafe latte etc
    Internet free spot is equipped
    • Seagull food

      Harbor Lunch

      ¥ 860, AM11: 00 ~ PM2: 00 lunch is a lunch time service date instead chef Random lunch.9F "Aerostat" can also be served. All you can drink coffee

      Harbor's Champon

      ¥ 700 It is Champon which Yawatahama specialty food can enjoy with hidden taste.  ¥ 1,080 Champon sushi set(Four handful sushi)

      illy coffee

      ¥ 600 Blended coffee, ¥ 450 Coffee, ¥ 500 Cappuccino, ¥ 600 Cafe latte, ¥ 800 Esplast

      A la carte

      ¥ 1,000 Cake set, ¥ 500 ice cream, ¥ 1,000 pizza variety, others please see the menu.
      ¥ 3,000 ~ ¥ 860
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Umizo(Full reservation system Modern Japanese style)

    Umizo (reservation required)
    Please enjoy a special time for our guests. Please make a reservation 2 days in advance.
    From one person to your family, there is also your seat, up to a maximum of 20 people,
    You can enjoy meals and banquets in various situations.
    Farewell reception from family members, girls' association, birthday party etc,
    You can use the best room.
    Local fish cuisine and fireplace restaurant are also available.
    Opening Hours 17: 30-22: 00
    • Umizo food

      Pot dish

      ¥ 5,000 to ¥ 3,500, reservation is necessary, seasonal fish etc will be cooked at the request of the customer.

      Kaiseki Meal

      ¥ 5,500 to 4,000, reservation is necessary, we will prepare at your request.

      Fugu dish

      ¥ 9,000 to ¥ 8,000 You need to make a reservation, you may not be able to answer your request according to the season.Please contact me.
      ¥ 8,500 to ¥ 3,500
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Banquet cuisine

    In a relaxed atmosphere, depending on the purpose such as family celebrations, legal meetings as well as business use
    We will deliver an elegant moment with table plan and cuisine.
    Hiten no Ma/HITEN
    Banquet 300 people·Standing 450 people
    Convention space with 450 people gathered at eating, full of sound and lighting functions.Between Flying/HIHO
    Banquet 112 people·Standing 170 people
    It is a banquet hall combining goods and ratings.Between Asuka/ASUKA
    Banquet 60 people
    Uwa Ocean no Ma/UWAKAI
    Banquet 45 · School
    It is a space that relaxes with a chic color.Chuhachi no Ma/TYUHATHI
    30 people
    Please use it for every use from small gatherings to large banquet party.Tamamushi no Ma/TAMAMUSHI
    10 people
    It is possible to use it as a family meeting place for dinner with friends and as a place to negotiate.

Refreshing ingredients

Yawatahama specialty products such as Shakapen · Kamaboko etc, such as orange juice · coffee are free to eat.
  • Chef's Recommendation, Breakfast

    Japanese course ¥ 870[tax included]
    Western course 920 yen[tax included]
    Premium 1,000 yen[tax included]
    All you can drink coffee · orange juice
    You can enjoy local ingredients freely.
    (Tax·Service charge included)

Hiten no Ma·Banquet between Flying Otori

Thirty years into the food path, Chief Chef, Tadaharu Imaikaki will respond to customer's request.
  • Banquet cuisine

    We will have banquets for 10 to 300 people.
    We will correspond to all banquets such as alumni association, farewell party and memorial ceremony.Please ask the staff for details.
    For reservations please contact 0894-22-0022.