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※It was published in the Chicago Shikoku version Michelin Guide.  ※Beer garden holding June 1 to September 10 Price ¥ 3,500,※About menu change Banquet cuisine is changed to summer version.

Facility Information

  • Living room "Kaizoku" 1F(By appointment only)

    From 1 person to your family, there is also a dressing room and you can enjoy it from a large number of people to a banquet of children number in various situations. Farewell reception party from the welcome reception party, a cup after the sports, a girls' party, a birthday party Various
    You can use it according to situations!
    There are local fish dishes and hearth restaurant.Please use 5% discount for accommodation.
    {By appointment only}
    Only available for reservation customers.Reservation is required until 2 days in advance.
    Opening Hours 17: 30-22: 00
  • Hama no yu 4F

    You can use it freely.(Men's only)
    From 15: 30 to 23: 00

    Jacuzzi · shower box 4F
    Jacuzzi bath for ladies Jacuzzi and whole body shower box can be used.
    Customers need a special key at the front desk We will give you the key at the front desk.
    From 15: 30 to 23: 00
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Hotel Name

Habor Plaza Hotel


360-1 Nakano Town, Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture

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Get off at JR Yawatahama Station
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Harbor Wedding

  • Wedding ceremony for the two of you

    Shinto ceremony & wedding plan
    After being given a worship ceremony, although it is classical, somewhere modern,
    The stylish reception that incorporates the Japanese taste will suit you well.

            Limited 20 pairs
                  40 people, \ 700,000 Tax excise
                 1 person additional \ 15000 yen

    Features and benefits of 'Wadding'
     ★Dinner style style fancy table coordination
     ★Japanese style modern flower arrangement!
     ★A new style of friends you can join
      Candle service 'Approse candle'

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